Fast Facts


January 2, 1897 at Barnard College in New York City.

Open Motto:

Inspire Ambition


Alpha Omicron Pi is ranked first among Panhellenic sororities in having the most active undergraduate chapters, having 214 chapters that span the United States and Canada.


AOII is the only fraternity to not have a crest, because we were founded on Greek ideals and not Roman. We use our infinity rose in place of a crest. The rose ties together several important symbols and values of our organization: the Jacqueminot Rose which is our Fraternity Flower, the concept of forever, and the number four. Our Fraternity jewel is the Ruby and our mascot is the Panda. 


Hot Pink, Cardinal Red, Coral, and Light Gray 

International Philanthropy:

The Arthritis Foundation and Arthritis Research

Local Philanthropy:

Hearts of Hope Sexual Assualt Crisis Center